Get involved

At GOTOWI.ORG website, our entire knowledge, governmental recommendations and practical advice to help you prepare for disasters or other emergencies has been shared. Feel free to make use of it. Download, print or make this information available to promote our campaign. As a result, many of us will be prepared for challenges.

There’re many ways to join the GOTOWI.ORG campaign. We encourage you to operate locally by sharing our concept among your family, friends, neighbors, at work. The content on the website may give you an idea of what specific action you can take.

Master your Skills

We invite you to develop your skills via our course.

Additionally, feel free to suggest further trainings and exercises to complement our GOTOWI.ORG campaign. Contact and inform us about what kind of trainings you’re willing to realize for your company or community. Let’s do it together.


  • We encourage you to take part in our original SPECIFIC INFORMATION COURSE. Some disasters happen suddenly. When family members aren’t gathered, you need to consider how will you contact each other. Where will you meet? What is the way to leave a house in case of the fire? What if your neighborhood is being evacuated? We will focus on these issues during our SPECIFIC INFORMATION COURSE. We will provide you with knowledge on: how to secure your supplies and how to prepare a household, water, viands, documentary and funds. Moreover, you are going to learn why is the evacuation backpack essential, how to devise the family communication and evacuation plans. Sign up to our COURSE.

First Aid Course:

  • Sign up to the First Aid course today! Have you ever taken part in such course? Are you able to carry a tracheotomy correctly? If you happen to be forced to help someone before professionals’ arrival, will you be able to do so steady and without hesitation? Remember that before emergency services arrival you are the help. Basic knowledge in this field may save someone’s life, that’s our lawful obligation. Exercises and trainings are never enough: the more you train, the better you are. When an extreme situation happens there’s no time to think, the stress occurs and you need to struggle to rescue a life immediately. Such actions need to be trained and mastered constantly.

Meet your neighbors

  • Meet a neighbor

Despite your personal opinion, it’s better to be friends than enemies with your neighbor, objectively. We encourage you to acquaint your neighbors and local community members with the preparation idea. If they happen to be interested in, organize a neighborhood group and a meeting from time to time in order to share ideas and experience. The more people you’ll gather, the better.

  • Cooperation

There’re numerous reasons to suggest the cooperation. First of all, you’ll gain more knowledge while operating with others than alone. You’re going to find out what experience do others have, so that when the threat will appear, by acting together you will be able to divide the load of risk and responsibility. Therefore, you will be able to exclude occurrence of the situation that your neighbor, with no supplies on his own, will break into your house in order to steal your belongings to feed his own family, hurting or threating to kill someone, additionally. Besides, while being in friendship, you may gain enough trust that will reveal trough paying more attention to each other’s properties and reacting when something inappropriate, for example a presence of a thief, happens.

Engage into local communities

  • Activity

Volunteer and take part in trainings that support actions in case of disasters and preparation at your local community. As if the fire brigade conducts an evacuation training in your workplace, participate in this. Provided the local government organizes civil protection activities, partake.  If there are first aid courses in your parish, participate in likewise.

  • Local associations and clubs

Regardless of the place you live in, whether it’s a city or a countryside, there’re numerous communities to join and get acquainted with local inhabitants.

A place to develop your interests or promote the GOTOWI.ORG ideas may be found everywhere. The more people join and start preparing, the safer you can feel in such environment, where you live or work.

Take care of students and employees

  • Teachers

If you happen to be a teacher, share the GOTOWI.ORG campaign with your students. Organize games and plays promoting a proper behavior during the danger’s occurrence. Practice the desired behavior in specific emergency scenarios of catastrophic events. Organize safety courses and trainings.

  • Employers

As if you’re an entrepreneur, promote the GOTOWI.ORG campaign in your company. It’s going to be an evidence of corporate social responsibility. Then, you’ll take very specific care not only of your employees and their workplace, but also your own resources. Practice the desired behavior in specific emergency scenarios of catastrophic events. Organize safety courses and trainings.

Promote proper activities

  • Why?

Not only preparation but also being prepared should become one of the most important missions for XXI century’s families. The reasons are clear.

We live in an uncertain world with an unstable global economy, extreme weather conditions, cyber-attacks and terrorist attacks by militant political regimes and extremist groups.

Additionally, there’s a virtual disappearance of the middle class, corruption from Wall Street to the home offices, the growing dependence of countries that possess oil products, and indeed, there’re reasons for a concern.

  • What should you do?

Promote our GOTOWI.ORG campaign on social network sites by sharing some readiness tips.

Finally, if you have any idea on how to expand the GOTOWI.ORG campaign’s knowledge, please contact us. Together, we can achieve much more!