Bioterrorism – biological attack is a deliberate release of germs or other biological substances that can cause the disease. Biological factors are organisms or toxins that can kill or incapacitate humans, livestock and crops.

There are three main groups of biological factors that may be used as a weapon: bacteria, viruses and toxins. The factors can be dispersed by spraying them in the air, direct contact, infecting animals that will transfer the disease to people, contaminating food and water.


The biological attack may but doesn’t have to be immediate. In most of the cases local health care services report the occurrence of untypical disease or there’s a huge increase in number of medical emergency incidents. If the biological attack happens to appear, we will be alarmed via emergency warning system (RCB alert), radio or television program.

Here’s what can be done to protect yourself, your family and property against biological attack results:
• Prepare a Family emergency plan
• Contact your doctor to make sure that you and your family members taken all of the recommended vaccines
• Consider installing a high efficiency particulate filter (HEPA) that will filter out most of the biological factors that can enter your home


The first symptoms proving that the attack took place might be easy to notice. In case of a biological attack, government officials may not be able to provide immediate information on what to do. Exact research to determine exactly what is pathogenic, how the effects may be treated and who is in danger are going to take some time.
In case of biological danger take below steps:

• Watch television, listen to the radio or check the official news and information on the Internet, including signs and symptoms of disease, areas at risk. If drugs or vaccines are distributed, use them. Find out where you should seek medical help if you are sick
• If unusual or suspect substance has been spotted, run away
• Cover your mouth and nose with layers of fabric that will filter the air, but allow you to breathe properly. Use two or three layers of cotton, it may be a T-shirt, tissue or towel
• If needed, wear a face mask to minimalize breathing in and spreading germs
• If you’ve been exposed to a biological agent, take off and pack the clothes and personal belongings that were exposed. Follow official instructions for disposal of contaminated items
• Wash yourself with a soap and put on clean clothes
• Contact the authorities and get medical attention. You may be advised to stay away from others and even be quarantined
• If your symptoms are consistent with those described by the authorities and you belong to a higher risk group, seek medical advice immediately
• Follow the doctors’ or public health officials’ instructions
• Disease caused by a biological attack may but doesn’t have to be infectious. In any case, follow the instructions of your doctors
• Avoid crowds in public places, as you may have a significantly reduced resistance
• Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water
• Don’t share food or dishes with others


Pay attention to all of the official warnings and instructions on how to behave. In case of massive attack the special emergency, services may be established, based on the needs. Additionally, special places of assistance may be designated.

Basic public health procedures and medical protocols for handling exposure to biological agents are the same as for any infectious disease. It’s important to pay attention to official instructions via radio, television and alarm systems.