The Rule of Three

The human body, in certain situations, is able to handle more than we think we can stand. When there's a strong adrenaline rush due to a stressful situation, we can lift a load that we wouldn't be able to cope with in normal conditions.

The Rule of Three is worth remembering for our body's needs, without which we'll die.

3 seconds – Panic

Panic is our greatest enemy, when it’s in charge, we’re much more likely to make a mistake leading to death.

3 minutes - Air

Breathing the air in a high-level smoked room may cause death after 3 minutes. It also applies in a case of staying underwater for more than 3 minutes. If you panic, you'll use up more oxygen, and that time will be significantly shortened. Diving training can increase an ability to stay underwater for longer period of time.

3 hours – Thermal

There’s approx. 3 hours to provide a protection in case of: rain, snow, frost, sun, wind and any other weather conditions that may affect a body temperature - strong overheating or cooling that may lead to death, as a result. A purpose is to find a dry, warm shelter, light a bonfire, protect against the sun and get water to cool down.

3 days – Water

In a temperate climate dehydration occurs after about 3 days, but in the desert, it can occur after just a few hours. Remember that a physical effort shortens this period because we sweat intensely. Moreover, an alcohol consumption has a negative impact on the level of fluids in the body. To break down the alcohol we need a lot of water. The body dehydration can lead to disorders of vital functions and then to death.

3 weeks – Nutrition

In favourable conditions, you’re able to survive about 3 weeks without food. After a few days of starvation our body switches to an internal feeding mode, i.e. it starts to consume fat reserves, then it feeds on muscle tissue; the last muscle that will be "eaten" is a heart, and that means death. Both obese and heavily muscled people have a better chance of survival.

3 months – Fortitude

To survive an extreme situation, you need a fortitude. It means expressing courage, bravery, willpower and self-control. Thanks to fortitude you don't give in. Unfortunately, if a danger continues for more than 3 months, the probability to give up increases.