Firstly, how to start?

Determine what kind of catastrophes and threats may occur in your area. Do you travel by car? Harsh weather conditions or road accidents are main causes that make the further travel impossible. Do you fly by planes to exotic places in the world? In such places, there’re often difficult weather conditions, unheard of in any other places. Have you ever been in large urban areas? There’re terrorist attacks and shootings. Are you on your way home from work? You can obtain information about power outages or water contamination in the waterworks.

Regardless of the place of your presence, whether it’s your house, workplace or school, make a first step for yours’s and your family’s safety. Read our short guide. Prepare yourself!

It’s better 3 years too early,
than 1 minute too late...

We have arranged the threat descriptions in alphabetical order for ease access.

Each hazard has been briefly described. Recommendations for action are given according to the scheme:

Before the threat

During the threat

After the threat

List of threats: