Evacuation has been announced. How to behave?

  • Stay calm and follow the emergency services’ instructions
  • Cut off the gas, water and electricity supply to the house
  • Head to exits marked as evacuation exits or to the path indicated by the evacuation leader immediately
  • If the evacuation area is heavily smoky, move low on the ground not to lose sight of the evacuation’s direction
  • If it’s necessary to jump out the window, wait for the firefighters' signal
  • Elevators usage is forbidden
  • Don’t waste your time struggling to save material property - life is more important
  • Carry your evacuation backpack – the luggage weight has to be less than 20 kilograms
  • Remember about all of your family members, especially children, older people and animals, who may need help
  • Ahead, prepare a badge for your children and put it in a waterproof neck tag, it should contain information detail, like:
    • Children’s first and last name
    • Parents' first and last names
    • Parents' contact address
    • Parents' phone number
    • Children’s blood group
    • Information about children’s chronic diseases
  • The evacuation ends at the assembly point indicated by the rescuers
  • Leaving the assembly centre must always be reported to the safety services
  • Return to home or work is possible only with the consent given by the evacuation leaders