ABC book

Pre-emergency procedures

  • Discuss with your family members how to deal with particular hazards, practice your communication and evacuation plans
  • Design or purchase an evacuation backpack that will improve yours and your family's safety in case of a danger
  • Prepare your household for locally characteristic threats
  • Make supplies
  • Insure your property (e.g. house/apartment, car) against the effects of threats, check the threats list with your insurance provider

Procedures, when the threat had already happened

  • If you happen to witness an unusual situation that may be a source of danger, notify it in the vicinity and report it to the appropriate services
  • Follow the rules described at a GOTOWI.ORG website and other specialized publications

Post-emergency procedures

  • Find out if anyone nearby needs help - pay attention to your neighbourhood, especially: children, lonely elder or disabled people and animals
  • If necessary, provide assistance to the victims until the arrival of the relevant services
  • If you were insured for such dangers - take photos

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