Attacks in public places

The treat of mass terrorist attacks is real for any latitude and that’s why we all can take steps to get ready, to get safe and to help others.

What is a terrorist attack?

• Terrorists are making use of the weapon to attack the crowd
• Attacks are pointed towards less protected public space
• They are willing to hurt as many people as possible
• Terrorists are using assault to intimidate
• They can make use of all kinds of weapon

Nature of mass attacks:
• Active shooting: terrorists are making use of firearms to kill more victims
• Intentional vehicle attack: terrorists are using vehicles to cause more deaths
• Homemade explosive mechanisms used for self-destruction in public space

Other mass attack methods may include knives, fire, drones or any different weapon.


Protect yourself in case of the terrorist attack:
• Stay vigilant
• Seek for safety
• Hide yourself
• Defend yourself

Keep looking for warnings:
• Unusual or rapid conversation, expressed anger or a will to cause a damage
• Expressed complaints about work place, personal life or any others
• Violence-based ideologies
• Suspicious behavior, for example exaggerate interest in safety details
• Unusual looking objects or packs

If you see any suspicious behavior or objects report it to the authorities. Those warning sings may get even stronger after some time. Beware of your surroundings. Observe what is happening around you and avoid getting distracted by actions like typing or talking on the phone and using headphones.

Get familiar with exits and safety spots:
• While visiting new areas look for at least two nearest exits, including emergency ones
• If you’re at work, cinema, school, shopping center, stadium or mass event, always specify localization of the exit. In case of the attack find a safe place

Learn how to save somebody’s life:
• Take part in a first aid training to be able to help others before the help’s arrival
• Organize safety classes and attend to some in areas, where people are gathering, for example: house, school, work


Stay vigilant:
• Pay attention to what is happening nearby you to be able to respond to the attack as fast as possible
• In case of hearing shoots or explosion – don’t come closer

Run to the safe place:

• As if you can – run away. Don’t come back to the location of an occurrence

Hide yourself:
• With such possibility – hide yourself
• Barricade the room or make a solid barrier
• Stay quiet, turn down your phone
• Stay away from windows and doors

Defend yourself and fight:
• With no possibility to hide or run away – break down the attack. Operate with others and try to overpower the attacker
• Be aggressive and determined

Help injured people:
• Firstly, take care of yourself and then, only if you’re able to do it, help the injured and provide an immediate first aid


Call the 112 number:
• When situation becomes safe, call the number 112 and get yourself ready to give the number operator a few pieces of information like: localization of the accident, number of injured people and specific information about the attacker

Continue life-saving actions:
• Based on your capabilities, continue life-saving actions until the health services arrives

During the waiting time:
• Stay calm and operate in accordance with instructions
• Keep your hands visible and empty
• Get to the designated area to acquire more information and help

Monitor the situation:
• Listen to announcements and other statements to obtain the situation’s news. Share it with your family and friends

Consider using professional assistance:
• Watch out for your health. If necessary, seek for a specialist help for yourself and your family, to deal with the trauma